DogDaze & Cold Brew Coffee

Many of my clients love their furry family and some of them make it into branding design! DogDaze Coldbrew started as a hobby; freshly brewed and bottled in recycled glass by a California dog loving dude. I’ve had so much fun designing their logo, business cards, and flyers! If you’re ever in Orange County, California, get yourself some refreshing coconut infused cold brew coffee. They even offer delivery!

Titan Madera Works

What does Madera mean? Madera translates to the word “wood” in Spanish. And this woodworking small business creates amazing pieces from furniture like tables to fireplace units! Working with wood a finesse, talent, and patience. I commend Titan Madera Works for the care they pour into every piece of art they create. And am proud to have helped them bring their new logo to life!


Foxychopstix Logo

Who, what and huh? What’s Foxychopstix? When I lived in South Florida, there was a fun bunch of super fun retro peeps, covered in tats, driving vintage cars, rocking anywhere from the 20’s to greaser attire. It was a time full of pinup shoots and tiki nights. Since I’m obviously Asian (Chinese and Filipino to be specific),

I somehow acquired the nickname “Foxy Chopsticks.”

The name Foxychopstix has now become my brand for my own designs. You can shop my new Chinese-inspired Foxychopstix art on RedBubble! Check out it!